Legionella Risk Assessments.

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Commerical Legionella Risk Assessments

Thompson Services is a Cardiff based company, who specialises in legionella risk assessments, please contact us today for a no obligation, free quotation.


We carry out commercial legionella risk assessments throughout South Wales, we can carry out assessments on....


  • Care homes
  • Schools
  • Nurserys
  • Funeral Homes
  • Dentist Surgeries 
  • Office Blocks
  • Commercial Units


Please contact us for a quotation on carring a commerical unit, as prices vary depending on size premises and type of hot water system installed.



Do i need a legionella risk assessment.


Determining if you need to arrange a legionella risk assessment for your business premises is a fairly simple question.


Are you an employer (even of self employed people) or a person/ company in charge of a premises of any size?


Do you have a premises of any size where any member of staff or the publick has exposure to water?


The HSC Approved code of practise L8 deems premises to mean "any undertaking involving a work activity and to premises controlled in connection with a trade, business or other undertaking."



Breif description of what happens on a legionella risk assessment.


A legionella risk assesor will attend site and carry out a survey this will include the following...


  • Trace all pipework configurations and water sources
  • Identification and inspection of all site assets
  • Water Temperatures taken across the whole site
  • System materials checked to ensure compliance with WRAS (The latest water fitting regs)
  • Control scheme recommendation against identified risks
  • Photography of all identified risks
  • Detailed description of all risks and recommendations and how to overcome them



Upon completion of your legionella risk assessment the document is typed up and issued electronically and a copy posted out to the site address, this will include:


  • Certification of Risk Assessment 
  • Recommendation summary outlining risk areas/appliances
  • Summary of findings and recommendations for review
  • Overall Risk rating with our unique scoring system
  • ​Asset reports for future monitoring of the entire system







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