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Innovative, clean, efficient, safe and durable, Thompson Services provides tailor made underfloor heating systems to meet any needs.


We are professional underfloor heating fitters, we supply, install and commission underfloor heating at affordable prices!


Whether you're just after underfloor heating to go in your new conservatory, small extension, new build, barn conversion or commercial premises. Call us today for a no obligation quote.


Why Underfloor Heating?

  • Lower Running Costs
    Underfloor heating uses lower hot water temperatures than both radiators and skirting heating systems making the system far more energy efficient.
  • Higher Comfort Levels
    Underfloor heating covers the whole of the floor area equally therefore eliminating cold spots you sometimes have with conventional radiator systems.
  • Optimum Control
    Each room or space with underfloor heating includes a dedicated thermostat that controls independently the temperature of each individual system, which can allow greater control over the energy used and thus saved.
  • Better Aesthetics
    Unlike radiators, underfloor heating is invisible and also does not take up any additional space or compromise the interior design options within the room.
  • Labour Saving
    With underfloor heating wet floors will dry very quickly and cleaning of the floor is easier making it suitable for both domestic and commercial properties.

Gas, oil, solid fuel or electric resistance hot water condensing combination boilers can be used as the source of heat for any underfloor heating system, as can a number of other technologies. Condensing boilers and ground-coupled heat pumps are particularly well-suited as the operation of underfloor heating systems allows them to operate in their most efficient manner.

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Call us today for a free design service, We supply design and fit under floor heating systems for all situations, whether it's a new build, farm refurbishment, extension or existing dwelling.


We will calculate the amount of heat output required to get your home up to temperature and provide a free drawing of our proposed set up.


We work closely with the manufactures to get the right pipe distances to get your room to temperature so whether your running underfloor heating off an gas/oil/lpg boiler or a air source unit, we will get your room temperature perfect because where specialist underfloor heating fitters.

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